Which Season 23 Bachelor Contestant Will Get Your Final Rose?

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Host Chris Harrison has been saying it for years, but The Bachelor 2019 truly was the “most dramatic season ever.” Former NFL football player (and virgin) Colton Underwood returned to the Villa De La Vina mansion where 29 beautiful women — and one sloth — did everything in their power to quickly score a lasting connection with him. But somewhere between the hills of Malibu and Portugal, Colton got dumped by a makeup artist, an NBA dancer, a fellow virgin, and No. 1 prospect, Cassie. (Sigh.) One thing’s for sure, finding love in 2019 is really hard — even if you’re a perfectly chiseled 27-year-old who can hop a tall fence in a single bound. But clearly you’re here for the right reasons. Is your “person” among Colton’s very large cast of foils and fumbles? Take this quiz to find out which season 23 bachelorette is worthy of your final rose.

Did you know?

A rose by any other name...

The red rose has played a starring role on The Bachelor since the hit romance reality series premiered in 2002. While many assume the picture-perfect blooms handed out at the legendary rose ceremonies are fake, they are, in fact, real American Spirit roses. According to Bachelor production designers, this particular rose varietal was chosen for its deep crimson color and blossoms that are not too open and not too closed. And interestingly, they have little to no fragrance. Each season, the Los Angeles floral district provides as many as eight dozen specially selected American Spirit roses for early episodes of the show that takes place at The Bachelor mansion in Agoura Hills. And if you’re wondering how the bachelor remembers the names of up to 30 different women he just met? Producers stand close by with flashcards and photos of every single contestant. Will you accept this rose?


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