Do You Recognize These Old-Fashioned Objects? (That Are Now Considered Historical!)

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Most people don't know what these things are anymore! Either we are getting old or technology isn't slowing down. Maybe both. You might be able to breeze through these questions and know the name of every invention throughout the decades, but chances are good your kids won't have a clue! (Or, you won't know squat, but your parents will look like geniuses.)You can call it old school or even ancient, but the truth is these inventions have been around since dirt. The evolution of the phone alone has come a long way. We can touch one button and see your friends half-way across the world. Back in the day, pigeons had to carry around handwritten letters. Some of these historical objects are obsolete whereas others have simply been upgraded over the years.Can you guess the name or use of these objects? Challenge your friends and family members to see who does better!
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