Most People Can’t Answer These Trick Questions! Can You?

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If you have watched any a second of Batman, then you have probably heard of The Riddler. This fictional villain is obsessed with puzzles and tricky riddles, hence his name.  He often creates calculated crimes that can only be stopped by solving an intricate plot. Would you be able to save the day and answer one of his perplexing riddles correctly? Would you like to hear a trick? Do you like brain teasers? If you think trick questions are fun, then this is a quiz for you! There are multiple choice answers to help you along the way along with hints, too. Some of the riddles are easy (or maybe you have even heard of them before), but they will get more difficult as you go. However, you might be able to guess the answer without using any of the shortcuts; that will really measure your IQ level. Make sure you read each word carefully! Test your critical thinking and then challenge your friends.
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