Is Your Vision Sharp Enough to Identify These Close-Up Objects?

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Many of us believe we have amazing vision without really putting it to the test. You may be awesome at seeing things in the far distance, but have you ever tried identifying objects at extremely close range? Without seeing the overall shape of the object, you need to rely almost entirely on color and texture to make an identification. While this may sound easy, most people will struggle to spot even everyday objects at extremely close range. Unless you spend a lot of time examining the world around you in minute detail, chances are you’ll find it tough, even if the object is something you have around you all the time. If you still think this sounds simple, it’s time to put your belief in your own brain power to the test. Check out our images of common items at super close range. What do you see?

Did you know?

What does 20/20 vision mean?

It's a common myth that people with 20/20 vision can see better than average. In fact, this term simply means that the person has 'normal' vision. This type of fraction measures visual acuity and is tested using the letter charts known as Snellan charts at the optician's office. Turns out it's possible to have vision that's even better than 20/20. Most young people with healthy eyes will have slightly sharper vision than this. This may be because the charts can be printed in sharper detail than they could when they first came into use in the 19th century. So, people today don't actually have better vision than those with 'normal' vision in the 19th century -- the charts have simply become a little easier to read.


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