How Well do You Know Your Aussie Sports?

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In 1980, pop band Men at Work released the global hit ”Down Under” which announced, ”I come from the land down under.” Perhaps, if this ditty is true of you, you’ll coast easily through this quiz. We’re going to focus on Australian athleticism, records won, and sporting venues. However, if your sense of this country is just catchphrases from Crocodile Dundee, this may be more challenging.

No matter which country you call home, we’ve given you the same basic elements. Plus, don’t worry, we’re won’t get into the differences between Australian and other country’s rules for these games. You’ll see. Grab a Vegemite sandwich and give it a whirl.

Did you know?

Australia is the world's smallest continent.

Home to ”the Outback” and ”the Bush,” as well as 24 million people, Australia is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. The capital of Canberra is inland, but it's perhaps best known for the distinctive architecture of the Sydney Opera House and the unique ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef. Other major cities include Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide are coastal, but tourists are also bound to want to explore at least some of the country's vast interior desert wilderness. Historically part of the British Empire, Australia is now an independent country but remains a member of the Commonwealth. Australia is also home to unique animal species such as koalas, kangaroos, and duck-billed platypuses (one of the Earth's only egg-laying mammals).


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