How Much Do You Really Know About Mexican Food?

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You love Mexican food. So, you think you know the difference in a taco and a burrito. You have a bottle of Valentina Hot Sauce in your fridge as we speak, and you can tell me everything wrong and inaccurate with the Taco Bell menu. You crave menudo on a regular basis and you have a tortilla press in the bottom of the pantry. Okay, so maybe you don’t even know what “comida” is, but you think you know a bit about Mexican food. That’s fine. You’ve been to a few authentic Mexican restaurants named El Jalisciense and your cousin’s nephew’s friend operates the food truck,  El Jalisco. But now it’s time, it’s time to show your worth. Make your parents or in-laws proud and ace the true test of Mexican food knowledge. Might want to grab a Rebanaditas and a few Chilipiquin Portico. This might take a while, but if you can taste the candy previously mentioned right now, then you’re definitely ready.
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