How Much Do You Know about the 1960s?

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A tumultuous decade, the 1960s witnessed tremendous political and social change in the U.S. and around the world. From flower children to missile crises, from civil rights protests to the Beatles, this decade was a time of promise as well as upheaval. How much time did you spend in school studying this decade? Do you know what was happening in women’s rights? Labor laws? World politics? What about fashion? Furthermore, do you know which songs hit number one on the Billboard Charts or which movies won Academy Awards? What types of foods were popular during the decade? We’ve designed a quiz to determine how much you know about the 1960s. Answer all the questions. Use the hint only if you need it! Then, see how you rank in the results. A lot of history is summed up in this single decade. How much of it can you recall?
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