How Much Do You Know About Pizza?

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Ah, pizza. That essential food we can always count on to bring smiles to the faces of children celebrating birthdays, teenagers playing video games, young adults studying (sure they are—wink wink) into the wee hours of the night, and parents who don’t have to make supper that night. Slather some sauce on dough and add some cheese (usually) and you’re golden! But it can get a lot more complicated than that, what with the many variations and toppings and all. This quiz tests your ‘za know-how or your pie passion.

Did you know?

'Za through the ages

Foods similar to pizza have been served throughout ancient history. The Ancient Greeks are said to have eaten a flatbread topped with herbs, onion, cheese, and garlic. Persian soldiers in the sixth century are thought to have baked flatbreads with cheese on their battle shields.

Some trace the word pizza to the pizzarelle, a kosher Passover cookie eaten by Roman Jews. The flatbread with toppings known today as pizza, though, is thought to have originated in 16th-century Naples. This was a cheap street food readily available to the people working on this waterfront city’s wharves.

Tomatoes weren’t added to flatbread pizza until later, as many Europeans believed they were poisonous. By the late 18th century, though, Neapolitans were adding tomato toppings to the breads they now served to famished tourists.


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