How Long Would You Survive in the Desert?

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The desert has long fascinated humankind. While some cultures thrive in and near desert lands, many people are terrified by the thought of seemingly endless sands and relentless sun. The deserts of the world are each unique in their own way. However, these barren landscapes pose many risks to life and limb for people who find themselves there. From the Sahara to the Mohave, the world’s deserts beckon the intrepid, but some explore them and never return to tell the tale. The deathly dry desert does not take kindly to travelers who come ill-prepared and ill-equipped to cross its lands. Moreover, many deserts are full of dangerous critters unfriendly toward humankind. Do you know what it takes to survive in this extreme climate? Take our quiz to determine if you could make it in the desert.

Did you know?

Cultures That Thrive in the Desert

Many cultures make their home near deserts. The people have learned how to adapt and survive in extreme climatic conditions—how to travel in such locales, and how to make a living there. Many Saharan peoples adopt nomadic lifestyles and rely on trade routes through the region to earn a living. Peoples around the Mohave Desert learn to make shelters out of caves and rock shelters. Some of the world’s best-known desert cultures include the Tuaregs of the Sahara region, the Bejas of the Nubian Desert, the San people of the Kalahari Desert, and the Chinchorro people of the Atacama Desert. These groups have thrived for centuries and continue to make their lives in or near these hostile terrains.


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