How Good Is Your Knowledge of the Spanish Language?

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Spanish is a Western Romance language people speak all over Spain. As well as many other nations in various parts of the world. Hundreds of millions of people speak this language throughout Latin America as well as on the European continent. Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world. It is frequently a language that people want to learn to speak, read, and write. And it is the primary language in roughly twenty countries such as Spain, Colombia, Bolivia, Panama, and more. Its evolution comes from Vulgar Latin, the non-standard form of the Latin language. In this vocabulary and cultural quiz, you can test your knowledge of Spanish to determine whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, an advanced learner, or an expert.

Did you know?

Do You Know What World Masterpieces Were First Written in Spanish?

While the English language has its Shakespeare and Milton, do you know what authors penned the great Spanish masterpieces of literature? From Miguel de Cervantes to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Spanish writers have given the world some of its most prized literary works. In fact, it’s a worthy goal to improve your Spanish language skills so much, that you can actually read works like Don Quixote, The Shadow of the Wind, 100 Years of Solitude, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Cathedral of the Sea, The City of Marvels, and Usurpers in their native Spanish. Spanish writers have made amazing contributions to world literature. Try reading these works in Spanish to see how far your language skills take you.


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