Do You Recall the Best Olympic Moments?

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Faster. Higher. Stronger. Those are the tenets that inspire athletes around the world to strive for greatness. The modern Olympic Games have brought moments of triumph and moments of tragedy as athletes compete to be the best in the world. The Olympics have produced some of the most significant stories of human spirit, and every time the games come back, it reminds us of the joy in sport. The games originated in ancient Greece and started with foot races. Now, the games have evolved into an international competition that celebrates both winter and summer sports. The Olympics show us mere mortals what the body and mind are capable of, and in some cases, these athletes are amateurs who do it for the love of competition. Our challenge to you is simple: how many inspiring Olympic moments do you remember? You can expect questions about athletes and their events. As well as host cities and countries, which will rely on your knowledge of both the summer and winter Olympics. Let's see how you stack up!
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