Can You Place These Famous Movie Quotes?

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“You break his heart; I’ll break your face.” Sometimes, characters say things in movies that stay with us. They resonate with our worldview or they make us laugh. They voice what we’ve always wanted someone to say to us or for us. The quote above is from John Hughes’s Some Kind of Wonderful, one of his 80s classics. What’s wonderful to us is the way a writer’s words can stick around. Often, even when we haven’t seen the movie, we recognize the reference. For instance: “Say hello to my little friend” has become part of our cultural currency.

This quiz will test your ability to match 20 quotes to their film of origin. Hint: the images aren’t always going to give you the answer, although they will be relevant to the movies listed or the actor or actress who spoke the line. Grab some popcorn and get going. Lights. Camera. Quiz!

Did you know?

Did you know?

Robert Downey Jr. improvised Tony Stark's admission at the end of the first Iron Man movie when he says "I am Iron Man." In the movie's final press conference scene, he was intended to read the prepared cover story from his cue cards. Instead, he ad-libbed. He thought it suited his character more. The surprised producer agreed. Marvel Comic Universe history was made. The admission of Stark's real identity shaped how other superheroes went on to handle their alter egos in the movies. For example, that's why Thor came to the screen without his secret identity of Dr. Donald Blake.


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