Can You Pass this Canadian Citizenship Test?

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Many people have expressed a desire to move to the beautiful and peaceful nation of Canada. Canada is an expansive nation. The motto of Canada is “a Mari usque ad Mare”. This translates to “From Sea to Sea”. Canada is the land of clear, cold ocean water, towering mountains, and vast prairies. Canadians a melting pot of French, English, Ukranian, Aboriginal, and Asian cultures. Visitors to Canada can cross the longest bridge in the world to visit Prince Edward Island. They can sail on the Great Lakes in Ontario. Or perhaps look at dinosaur fossils in the Badlands of Alberta. They can shop in some of the world’s best cities of Vancouver and Ontario or go ice fishing in Yukon.

There are hundreds of possibilities of activities in Canada. They are a welcoming nation known for their open border. But can you pass a Canadian citizenship test? Beyond the requirement that you live in Canada for up to 5 years. And that you are proficient in either English or French – do you have what it takes?

Did you know?

Origins of the RCMP

Did you know that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was established to stop the Metis uprising in 1873? Prime Minister Macdonald started the force to pacify the western Canadian citizens and help them negotiate with the Metis people. At that point in time, they were called the North West Mounted Police. They established many military forts, including Fort Calgary and Fort Macleod, which are now major Canadian cities. Regina, Saskatchewan, is their current headquarters, and today they are one of Canada's most beloved and best-known symbols. They are often referred to as the "Mounties" for short. Some of Canada's favorite heroes, including Major General Sir Sam Steele, were originally Mounties.


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