Can You Pass This Basic Plumbing Quiz?

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Maybe you’ve watched enough HGTV to know a little bit about remodeling a home. But, from flooring and roofing to electricity and plumbing, there is an awful lot to learn. If you have been told to pull up your pants more than once, one of these aspects of construction might be more up your alley than the others. Do you know how to install a water heater or pump a septic tank? Plumbing takes skills, and most projects require a professional. But some have what it takes to get their hands dirty attempting a do-it-yourself plumbing project. Ever installed a toilet or changed a washing machine hose? How about unclogged a shower drain? If so, you may know a thing or two about plumbing. Do your friends and family ask you for help when their water heater leaks? Have you had to unfreeze pipes during a cold winter? We want to see how well you know your way around a toolbox! Don’t forget to share this quiz on Facebook to see how many of your friends have what it takes to be a plumbing whiz!

Did you know?

The Most Famous Plumber

The world’s most famous plumbers are, in fact, fictional! Nintendo’s brightest stars, Mario and Luigi, are known for not only saving Princess Peach but for also navigating the sewers of New York City, battling creatures along the way. Nintendo decided that because the majority of the first Mario video game took place underground, Mario’s profession would be a plumber. His name was originally “Mr. Video,” but the creators later changed it to Mario, after the landlord of Nintendo’s American office. Introduced in 1983, the Mario Brothers have become some of the most recognizable characters in history. Mario has appeared in over 200 video games, and the franchise has sold upwards of 500 million units worldwide, making it the most successful video game franchise in the world.


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