Can You Pass This 5th-Grade Quiz?

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How long has it been since you sat in a classroom -- specifically, a 5th-grade classroom? Many adults complain about "kids today," so it's time to back up that complaint with some self-reflection. Do you have the academic skills and knowledge to compete with today's fifth-graders and what they're expected to know? Thanks to advances in school curriculum plans, students are learning far more than the basics of reading and math. While core subjects remain essential for progressing through each grade, students are also expected to develop computer skills, read maps, and tune in to current events. Today's fifth-graders typically get less than 30 minutes to eat lunch -- and are lucky if they get 15 minutes of recess. Their school days are highly structured to ensure they get as much instruction as possible. Think you have the skills to compete with today's youngsters? Take our quiz and see how you manage!
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