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1. Popular yellow bread side for barbecue.
Quickbread Corn on the cob
Buttermilk biscuit Cornbread
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Did you know?

One of the most familiar southern foods is fried chicken.

Pieces of chicken, typically still on the bone, are floured or battered and then fried. Cut at the joints with the bones and skin still intact; fried chicken is typically made from a broiler chicken. The batter and the method of frying make all of the difference in just how crunchy, crispy, and downright delicious the chicken will be.

Fried chicken became popular among enslaved Africans and African-Americans in the American south during the American Civil War. Some soak the chicken in buttermilk before battering, others in salty brine. The chicken can be pan-fried, deep fried, or pressure fried. There’s even an approach that sees people refrying cooled deep fried chicken for extra crunch.

Many people in the North associate fried chicken with Colonel Sanders, but he is just one of many famous folks who have made a name for themselves in the south with delectable fried chicken. Plus, this soul food staple is making its way into chef’s restaurants across the United States as there is a resurgence of love for cooking that feels homemade and heartfelt.

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