Can You Name these 1960s Movies?

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The 1960s produced an extensive variety of films in a plethora of different genres. It was simultaneously the era of John Wayne's spaghetti westerns and sci-fi hits like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Musicals like West Side Story and The Sound o Music were extremely popular, as were horror films like The Night of the Living Dead. The 1960s also served as a transitional era for Hollywood, as many filmmakers began to push the boundaries of what is acceptable depending on the rating system. Films after the 1960s tend to be a lot more "racy" as a result. This groundbreaking era is known as the New Hollywood Movement, and it spanned from the late 1960s into the 1980s. With so many movies to see, how many '60s films have you seen? Take this quiz to find out!
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