Can You Name the Countries in Europe?

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Europe is home to some of the world's most celebrated countries and cities. Perhaps you've traveled to France or the UK--or perhaps you'd like to, someday. Maybe you've heard of popular travel destinations like Italy and Spain, but how well do you know Belgium and Finland? Europe's nations brim with natural, cultural, and historic attractions. From Trevi Fountain in Rome to Gaudi's architectural masterpieces in Barcelona, the continent's landmarks beckon travelers from all over the globe. The continent is home to entertainment-filled cities like Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, and Budapest, but it also features incredible national parks, beaches, and architectural wonders. So, how well do you know countries like Hungary, Germany, Poland, and Greece? Think you know where cities like Palermo, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Stockholm are located? Take our fun quiz about countries in Europe to test your knowledge. You might know Europe better than you think--or you might need to grab a map for help!
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