Can You Name An 80s TV Show For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?

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There are hundreds of television shows out there. With YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming sources, we can also choose from any number of series — no matter how they may be — at any time of the day. Today, we’re focusing on the 1980s and sorting them alphabetically. You’ll get a picture and a hint. You then have to match the TV show depicted to the right name. The catch is that all of your options will have the same first letter! Tune in now for some nostalgia!

Did you know?

Ah, the 80s

If you were watching all of this 80s television, you probably remember the “Where’s the Beef?” commercials Wendy’s put out at the time. An old granny was constantly checking out the size of the competition’s burgers. She would open up the bun and grumpily question: “where’s the beef?”

The commercials debuted in 1984 with Clara Peller as the starring grandma; she was 81 at the time. In the debut ad in the series, Peller was flanked by two old biddies admiring the fluffy buns, but she wasn’t swayed and went on to speak what became a catchphrase of the decade.

Apparently, the ad was also tried with a bald man uttering the memorable line, but it didn’t have the same impact. Nor did it have as effective an impact when Walter Mondale said it to rival Gary Hart I the Democratic primary of 1984.


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