Can You Name All of These Rare and Unusual Animals?

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What is your favorite animal? Maybe you love furry little kittens or find a dog to be truly man’s best friend. Perhaps you like to go a little more exotic; panda bears, giraffes, and camels are all unique creates that live in distinctive parts of the world. However, have you ever heard of an echidna or gerenuk?

Would you be able to point one out if you saw it? Most people do not know this one-of-a-kind creature even exist much less be able to recognize them in a crowd. But you are not like most people, right?

Take the challenge and see if you can name all of these rare and unusual animals. We guarantee that some of them will fascinate you with their bright colors or unique body parts. Who knows? You may end up having a new favorite animal by the time it’s all said and done. Good luck!

Did you know?

How much do you know about the unicorn?

This legendary beast is often depicted as a white horse with a single, spiraled horn protruding from its forehead. Authors and artists have described the creature in mythological stories and folklore. Ancient Greeks, the Indus Valley civilization, European Renaissance, and even the Bible have all discussed the unicorn.

Aside from its prominent appearance, this animal is also known for its power. Not only is it a symbol of purity and good, but the horn was supposedly magical. The wild creature could heal sick people by making poisonous water potable. Do you believe it? There are no longer any unicorns around to find out if they ever existed at all.

Nevertheless, there are several other animals still alive that resemble the unicorn in different ways. For example, it clearly looks like a horse, but more so a single-horned goat. Oryx and eland are animals with dual longhorns, but the narwhal is perhaps the most similar. Aside from being a marine animal, a narwhal has a single, spiral horn coming out its head. Maybe the unicorn was left behind when Noah made his ark unlike his relatives, but we may never truly know.


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