Can You Match These Characters With Their Movies?

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So, you’d like to think you’re a movie buff. Out of all your friends, you’re that person who can always name the actors and characters and spout off quotes from nearly every movie that comes up in conversation. Or maybe you’re just a casual viewer who watches a few movies now and then, just because they’re on, but you’re looking to prove how much knowledge you’ve retained. No matter what you think your movie trivia skills are, this is the quiz to test them. We’ve got some super easy movies for you, a few that are pretty obscure, and just a couple that you definitely, absolutely, couldn’t possibly know … Unless, of course, you truly are the movie buff of the century.

Did you know?

Did you know, Thomas Edison patented the film camera?

When the film camera was invented, Thomas Edison patented the related technologies and set up Edison Studios in New Jersey. It was arguably the first major motion picture production studio in the world. He then sold camera equipment to budding producers, but sued them for using his invention so they couldn't compete with his production company. Because of his unwillingness to share, producers moved south, where he couldn't get to them with his frivolous, cruel lawsuits. One budding young director found an obscure village called Hollywood and decided to set up a studio there. When other producers heard about his genius decision, they moved down to set up their own studios. Thus, Hollywood was born. And the rest is history.


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