Can You Make it to Final Round of Our World Cup Quiz?

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Once every four years, around the world, lovers of the ”beautiful game” tune into the World Cup. In North America, we call it soccer, but the rest of the world knows it as football. They love it with a fervor that leads to small children kicking balls around on the streets of Japan, the beaches of Brazil, and the fields of Ireland, not to mention the proper pitches of Germany or England (where even teenagers make a professional wage). Thirty-two teams made it to the 2018 World Cup event, held in Russia from June 14 - July 15. Even those countries that didn't make it to the big event (yes, we're looking at you, USA) get involved. They find some bracket-beating team to root for when the referee blows the whistle, and the match begins. This quiz poses questions covering the event's beginnings in 1930 all the way to this year's 21st FIFA World Cup. Ready to test your knowledge off the pitch (bicycle kicks will not help you, here)?
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