Can You Identify These Candies & Sweet Treats without Their Wrappers?

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Sweets and lollies, confections and treats—candy, pastries, and other assorted goodies help life taste great! Today’s candies and dessert treats rely on ingredients many of us have come to know well—but just how well do you know them? Ingredients like chocolate, marshmallow, caramel, gelatin, cane sugar, and honey combine in a myriad of ways to form the candies we know and love. We’ve designed this quiz to determine where you rank on the candy-loving scale. Can you tell the difference between a Sweet Tart and Spree? How about a Skittle and a PEZ? If you have confidence in your sweet tooth, be sure to take our candy and treat quiz to see if you’re a candy connoisseur or are candy-deprived. Show your knowledge of licorice whips, Jolly Ranchers, Sugar Daddies, Warheads, and more! If you score well, you deserve to visit your local candy store to indulge in your favorite confections!

Did you know?

What Exactly Is a Turkish Delight?

Candy and treats have historically been loved around the world. Many cultures have become quite celebrated for their signature confections. China loves its dragon’s beard candy, Australia enjoys its Jaffas, and France has its macarons. In Turkey and nearby countries like Bulgaria, it’s all about the Turkish Delight. This classic confection is made with starch and sugar and appears to date to the late 1700s; although, its exact origins are unknown. Early confection sellers flavored their Turkish Delights with ingredients like rose water, orange, lemon, bergamot, mint, and cinnamon. Typically sliced into small cubes, these delights are then dusted with powdered or icing sugar. As a precursor to the jelly bean, the Turkish Delight holds a dear place in the pantheon of worldwide candies.


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