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1. What is this Austrian pastry?
Tafelspitz Wiener Schnitzel
Apple Strudel Viennese Whirl
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Did you know?

What makes food European?

There are many ways to help classify and distinguish European cuisine from other foods and ways of cooking around the world. Firstly, meat is much more frequently used in Europe and the West when compared to the cuisine of Asia, for example. Serving size is also typically greater, but this seems to be rooted in the traditional styles of Europe when compared to the sparing, perhaps less expensive, foods of Asia. Steak and chicken are two of the most popular meats in European cuisine, and dairy products such as cheese are commonly used to add flavor to dishes. Since the European colonization of North and South America, potatoes have quickly become a vital part of European cuisine, moving away from the more traditional elements of pasta, dumplings, and pastries. Maize is a big part of cuisine in the Americas, yet Europeans often overlook it and finally, salads play a huge role in European cuisine but are nowhere near as popular elsewhere around the world.

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