Can You Guess These Tastes of Europe?

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Europe is home to some of the most amazing culinary tastes and flavors. It is a melting pot for chefs and cooks who come from all over the world. They work in the thousands of restaurants and cafes that are so commonplace to Europe. Many European cuisines share their origins, with Western cuisine developing from the early settlers and even some countries in Latin America, North America and Oceania, where the influence of European settlers helped to shape the national culinary identity. There is no one 'European cuisine' that stands out more than any other. The term suggests a collective of different kinds of food which are distinguishable from the cuisines of other continents.   It's time for you to prove yourself as a Michelin star eater and test your knowledge with our awesome quiz. Let's find out about the various dishes and specialties that you can find across Europe!
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