Can You Complete These 1970s Movie Titles?

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The 70s, where you wanted to make love, not war. Where you wore what you wanted and gave freely. This was the decade where so many classic things were out of this world popular. Such as pet rocks, Atari, 8-tracks, Charlie's Angels, mood rings, and so much more! But even with all the groovy music and love spread around, nothing could stand up to those movies. This was the era where Disney really picked up, and horror movies actually became gruesome. Anyone who was around in the 70s can probably name you twenty movies off the top of their heads that came out during that decade. But what about the rest of you? And beyond! Can you simply finish these movies titles with nothing more than a screenshot of the movie itself? Don't be afraid to grab for hints if you need a little push. This was forty plus years ago. It's not easy to remember that far back unless you're Rain Man himself. So take it easy and just let your instincts take over as you recall the names of these 1970s movies!
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