Can We Guess Your Age?

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Does the combination of “Netflix and chill” confuse you? The slang we use says a lot about us. Can this quiz guess your age? You may be a youngster, but does your lingo say you’re totally with the times or way out of the loop? As we age, usually our vocabulary does to -- or at least most people think it should. That said, people won’t be saying “Bye Felicia” forever, whether it's because of the actual Ice Cube flick, or it being rejuvenated 20 years later for no apparent reason at all (hashtag "Memes"). Your go-to terminology can tell you if you’re an old soul or a trendy hipster. If you use terms like “sus,” “slay” and “YAAAS” on the regular, you may be smarter than you think. I mean, YOLO, right? Instead of saying your eyebrows are "on fleek," maybe you refer to every type of video game console as Nintendo. But hey -- that’s okay, too. Take this quiz to find out to which generation you really belong.
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