Can We Guess How Long It’s Been Since You Got Laid?

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Sex is part of a healthy adult life. It boosts endorphins and gets your heart pumping. It's good to connect with others on a physical and emotional level. Plus, it's fun to let off a little sensual steam. Life can get busy, and sometimes our sex lives get lost in the mix. While we all go through dry spells, neglecting this part of life for too long can lead to some undesirable consequences. So, how long has it been? Are you feeling pretty confident with the frequency of your bedroom frolic? Or have you been rolling solo so long that just thinking about it has you frustrated? While you may think your sex life is a personal problem, the satisfaction you get (or don't get) from those rendezvous can affect how you act. Think we can guess how long it's been? Take this quiz and see if we're right.
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