Can You Identify These Classic Women of Hollywood?

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Jennifer Garner; Jennifer Laurence; Jennifer Aniston; Jennifer Lopez; Jennifer Hudson — it’s easy to think of contemporary celebrities who capture the public imagination. They grace the covers of supermarket magazines, and TMZ tracks their every move. And they’re not all named Jennifer either, despite the ease with which we came up with those five famous Jens. Back before today’s 24-hour news cycles and social media onslaught, though, movie fans still loved to know all that they could about the lovely ladies they saw on the big screen. They may have had to wait for the weekly movie magazines to reach their doorstep, or tune into the radio for the latest gossip, but there was still a fervent celebrity culture. For a fun flashback, this quiz asks you to identify classic women of Hollywood. As usual, don’t be tricked by the image — it won’t always feature the correct starlet.

Did you know?

Thank Walter Winchell

Credit Walter Winchell with the creation of celebrity-focused journalism. He is thought to be the first celebrity journalist, and the main man to have turned attention to gossip and entertainment as a kind of news. At the height of his career in the late 1930's, he had a daily newspaper column and a weekly radio broadcast with an audience of more than 50 million. He made it his job to humanize celebrities and democratize fame. He strove to be the first with the "scoop" and covered scandals with enthusiasm. His focus was on personalities more than impartial relating of facts, which sounds oh-too-familiar today.


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