Are You As Smart As You Think You Are?

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Do you know how smart you are? Some people rank their knowledge too highly, while others underestimate the knowledge they have stored in their brains. There are different types of intelligence and various classifications of knowledge, but our quiz takes a broad examination of an individual’s knowledge in areas like science and technology, arts and literature, history and geography, math, and pop culture. The more you know in different subjects, the more well rounded your intelligence. If you struggle in some areas, you might want to find ways to improve your smarts in those areas. It’s never too late to be a student. Take our quiz and test your intelligence in multiple areas. Are you a professor or an elementary school student? Are you college-bound or still in high school? Ready, set, let’s see how smart you really are!


Did you know?

Did You Know That Einstein Flunked a College Entrance Exam?

Yes, it’s true, the famous scientist Albert Einstein, regarded as one of the most intelligent humans to have lived, did flunk a college entrance exam. The author of his prestigious Theory of Relativity failed the Zurich Polytechnic exam when he was close to completing high school. Of course, in fairness to the renowned genius who read physics textbooks at age eleven, the exam was given in French, a language the Einstein knew very little of. In spite of that failure, Zurich Polytechnic did admit the young man to their school in 1896. From there, he would achieve greatness, but it’s said that he always did rather struggle with French.


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