Are You American Enough to Pass this Patriotic Quiz?

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How much do you really know about the land of the free and the home of the brave? Do you understand why we celebrate in style each July 4th? How much do you know about American history in general? Earn the right to proclaim yourself the ultimate American patriot with this fun quiz. Don’t worry; there are hints along the way if you need them. After you’ve determined your bragging rights, challenge your friends to see who’s worthy of the title of Ultimate Uncle Sam.

Did you know?

Who is George Mason?

Did you know George Mason was one of America’s founding fathers? He was George Washington's neighbor and drafted the Constitution of Virginia in 1776, which influenced Thomas Jefferson when he drafted the Declaration of Independence. Mason remained a member of the Constitutional Convention until 1808. Although a Southerner, George Mason opposed the slave trade and called it “disgraceful to mankind.” He also supported a system of free labor and education for everyone. However, researchers suggest he was not an abolitionist in the modern sense because he did not free his slaves, not even in his will after death. Others insist he despised the slave trade but could not extricate himself from it as a plantation owner. George Mason is known as the father of the Bill of Rights.


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