Are You a Fast Food Foodie?

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Do you need a fast food fix on the weekends or every day for lunch? How well do you know your fast food menu items? Test your fast food prowess with our quiz. We promise to push your knowledge of Special Sauce and French Fries to the limit. Learn if you're just an occasional fast food eater or a fast food junkie. Across the country, there are well-known national chains as well as more localized franchises that boast a cult following for their burgers, shakes, and signature shakes. This quiz comes with a warning, however. After completing its questions, you are 99.9% likely to crave any (or all) of the following: Chili Cheese Fries, Double Cheeseburger, Chicken Sandwich with Pickles, Philly Cheesesteak, Corn Dog, and Fish Tacos. If you want to discover what level of fast food foodie you are, be sure to take our tasty quiz. It's charbroiled and topped with a sesame seed bun just the way you like it!
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