8 Percent of People are Color Blind - This Quiz Will Tell You if You're One of Them

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Only about 8 to 9 percent of people in the U.S. are color blind, with men making up most of that number. Some┬ápeople think “color blind” means seeing only in greyscale, but in fact, most of these folks are red-green or blue-yellow color blind, meaning it’s hard to distinguish between these hues. If someone has ever commented that your clothes don’t match or laughed when you identified a color they didn’t see, you might be color blind (or maybe they are!).

Ever tested your ability to see color? For people with color blindness, some of letters and numbers hidden in these images will be difficult or impossible to see. Try your hand at our color blindness quiz and find out if you’re one of this exclusive group. Of course, this test is just for fun and you should see an optometrist if you’re concerned, but in the meantime – click on!

Did you know?

Color Blindness Fun Facts

1. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is color blind. He once told the media blue is the "richest color" to him, hence the globally recognizable color of the social media platform.
2. Though one in 12 males are color blind, only one in 200 females are!
3. It's hereditary! Mothers pass color blindness onto their sons (or daughters).
4. In some countries, you aren't allowed to drive if you're color blind.
5. Very rarely, a person will be color blind in only one eye!


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