100 Quiz Geniuses Didn't Know the Answers to These Questions. Do You?

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Some people just have a knack for memorizing obscure nuggets of general knowledge. This can be a handy skill when it’s time to take a test or quiz. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to ace a quiz that would stump some of the smartest people out there? It’s time to find out. This quiz is a great opportunity to dust off some of those facts you thought you’d forgotten or would never need, and learn some new ones along the way. The questions cover a whole range of subjects from art and literature to food and drink, so there should be something here for everyone. Don’t worry — the answers are all here, and all you have to do is select the correct one. Sometimes, a little guesswork can get you a long way. So, get comfy and prepare for your very own trivia night.

Did you know?

Can you improve long-term memory?

We forget more than half our experiences after just one hour. In the 19th century, the German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered that regular revision of information helps us to store it long-term. He also found that the best time to revise information we want to remember is just as we're about to forget it. Increasing the time between each revision also helped. So, we should revise information after a few seconds, then a few minutes, then a few hours, then a few days, and so on. Another way of improving long-term memory is to have someone regularly test you on the information you want to remember. Being forced to retrieve that memory time and again is a very good way to keep the knowledge fresh.


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